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Teeth Whitening in Scholes, Leeds

An effective and affordable cosmetic dental treatment that can be carried out at home. Teeth whitening is very popular these days and a brighter smile can be achieved almost instantaneously. Many people have stained teeth or yellow teeth through drinking lots of tea, coffee and red wine. Smoking can also stain your teeth. There are several products available like Enlighten but patients must see our dentist for an initial consultation to check teeth and gums are healthy before treatment can proceed.

With home tooth whitening kits, our dentist will need to take impressions of your teeth in order to create bespoke teeth whitening trays. Our dentist will then guide you with instructions and demonstrate to you how the whitening solution is administered into the trays. The trays can then be worn for a few hours at your convenience during the day or night.

Teeth whitening consultation

If you’re ready now to perfect your smile, please speak to our team in Scholes, Leeds about teeth whitening.

Our private dental practice of highly qualified dentists and dental nurses are experts in cosmetic dentistry and we can help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted. We have been working with clients from all over Leeds from our Scholes clinic since 2010.

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