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Crown Restoration & Dental Bridge in Leeds

If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Leeds you can really trust to provide a quality dental bridge procedure at afforable prices then Scholes Dental Care can help.

We are passionate about cosmetic dentistry and aim to help you achieve stunning results you’ve always wanted. Offering a trusted private dental service, Scholes Dental Care have been working with patients from all over Leeds since 2010.

Dental bridges in Leeds

For patients living in or around Leeds who may have a tooth missing, we can replace the missing tooth with a dental bridge. Using the same material as a crown, a dental bridge is fitted over the adjacent teeth which provide support for the bridge to fill the gap.

Just like a dental crown, preparation will need to be made to the supporting teeth and once fitted, the patient can then enjoy eating, laughing and smiling with confidence.

How much does a dental bridge cost in Leeds?

We have ensured our dental bridge treatment prices are extremely competitive when compared to other dentists in Leeds. We therefore offer dental bridges from £300 per unit.

Dental crowns

In addition to dental bridges, we also offer dental crowns to restore a broken tooth or a tooth that has deteriorated through decay.

Dental crowns are a popular restoration treatment and are made from a hard-wearing ceramic material just like dental veneers. This enables the new tooth to appear as natural as the rest of your teeth. The affected tooth will require preparation and an impression made before a new dental crown is created. When ready for fitting, the new crown will be bonded in place with a strong special adhesive.

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If you’re ready now to perfect your smile or have any questions about dental bridges or crowns in Leeds please speak to our team in Scholes.

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