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Enlighten and Boutique teeth whitening in Leeds

If you're looking for safe, stunning and cost effective teeth whitening treatments in Leeds then our state-of-the-art Scholes Dental Care clinic can help.

Our expert teeth whitening team includes our owner and principal dentist Dr Chris Siddlle (GDC No. 71360) who has over 24 years dentistry experience.

Our experienced General Dental Council (GDC) registered dental team are experts in both Enlighten and Boutique teeth whitening systems.

Lifestyle factors such as smoking, excessive intake of coffee, use of alcohol, and many other things can lead to discoloured teeth.

At Scholes Dental Care, we have made it possible for you to achieve a whiter smile at an affordable price.

Free Consultation

If you are considering having your teeth whitened, we encourage you to book an appointment to come in and see us. We offer a no-obligation free consultation to discuss the whitening systems we use.

This allows you to make an informed choice on the right treatment for you.

We only use safe, licensed teeth whitening systems provided by Enlighten and Boutique Whitening.

Teeth whitening must only be carried out by a dental professional using approved whitening products.

Enlighten Evolution Whitening in Leeds

Whether you have had discoloured teeth from birth, caused by food and drink in your diet, due to trauma or simply due to the natural aging of your teeth, this system produces incredible results. With a guaranteed improvement in the colour of your teeth, Enlighten has become one of the most popular teeth-whitening treatments.

Starting from £550 this is one of the most competitive prices you will find for Enlighten teeth whitening in Leeds. Your teeth could go as light as Vita Shade B1, the lightest standard shade.

We provide you with well-designed, custom made whitening trays and the powerful Enlighten whitening gel to produce amazing results. The active ingredient in the whitening gel penetrates deep into the dental enamel and breaks down discolouration through chemical oxidation. For most patients the treatment can be carried out in 3 appointments and from start to finish takes 4 weeks to achieve the Enlightened Smile.

Boutique Whitening in Leeds

Just like Enlighten, Boutique Whitening is also an effective and safe way to improve your smile. Using the Boutique Whitening gel to help you see results in 7-10 days. Unlike the Enlighten there is no guarantee on what shade can be achieved with the Boutique Whitening.

The Boutique Whitening is also a cost-effective way to get results and our packages start from only £280. You will find this one of the lowest Boutique whitening prices in Leeds.

Our Boutique Whitening treatment consists of a By Night-Whitening Kit to produce impressive results.

By Night–Whitening Kit:

This is a 16% carbamide peroxide gel which also contains potassium nitrate and needs to be worn for a minimum of 4 hours. Simply fill the trays and put them in before going to bed and save yourself from the hassle of wearing the trays during the day. This pH neutral gel works effectively while you enjoy your sleep.

No matter how discoloured your teeth are, we can provide a safe, proven, teeth whitening treatment suitable for you.

Teeth whitening consultation

Still not sure which teeth whitening treatment is right for you? Let our experienced team guide you in the right direction. So if you’re ready now to perfect your smile or have any questions, please speak to our friendly, expert team in Scholes, Leeds.

Our private dental practice of highly qualified dentists and dental nurses are experts in cosmetic dentistry and we can help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted. We have been working with clients from all over Leeds from our Scholes clinic since 2010.

To book an appointment, please call us today on 0113 232 3878, or book your teeth whitening consultation online.