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Gum Disease Treatment in Scholes, Leeds

Prevent tooth loss. We provide effective gum disease treatment at our top-rated private dental practice in Scholes, Leeds.

Gum disease treatment is very common as gum disease affects most people at some stage in their life and can be prevented. Clinically known as Gingivitis and the more serious form periodontitis, are the leading cause of tooth loss for adults.

Swollen, sensitive or bleeding gums when flossing or brushing are usually the first signs of gum disease. Bad breath (halitosis) is also another sign. If untreated, the bacteria that forms within the pockets between the tooth and gums can cause an abscess leading to the eventual loss of the tooth.

Gingivitis is both treatable and preventable by gum disease treatment. By practising good oral hygiene at least twice a day, patients can remove food deposits by flossing in between teeth and brushing along the gum line. It is still important to visit the dentist or hygienist to scale and polish your teeth regularly.

Small amounts of bacteria will eventually settle and harden along the base of the tooth. This is called calculas and will need to be removed to prevent gum disease developing.

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