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TMJ Disorder Treatment in Scholes, Leeds

If you suffer from chronic jaw pain and need a TMJ disorder treatment in Leeds, then our expert team can help you find relief.

Jaw pain can be caused by stress, injury or by grinding teeth. The movement in the jaw ends up becoming restricted and this condition is known as Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction or TMJD.

As well as jaw pain, other symptoms of TMJD are cheek pain, earache and headaches. If the condition is left too long without treatment, TMJD becomes harder to manage or cure.

If you think you may need TMJ disorder treatment and have any signs of jaw pain, please contact Scholes Dental Care as soon as possible. Our dentist can carry out an assessment and recommend the right course of treatment for you whether surgical or non-surgical.

If we find you may be grinding your teeth (bruxism) at night, then we can provide you with a special bespoke made mouth guard. This will help you breathe easy at night and prevent you wearing down your teeth.

TMJ disorder treatment consultation

If you’re ready now to solve your pain, please speak to our team in Scholes, Leeds about TMJ disorder treatment.

Our private dental practice of highly qualified dentists and dental nurses are experts in cosmetic dentistry and we can help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted.

We have been working with clients from all over Leeds from our Scholes clinic since 2010.

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